We deliver clean oil

We deliver quality, clean oils at competitive prices to your warehouse for free, whenever we come to you for your used oil. If you sort with us regularly, we also have even better special offers for you.

oil offers

Quality and fresh oils for special offers. Please consult with our operator for quantities and prices.
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Why use our services?

Convenient prices
You can buy culinary oils from us at unbeatable prices.
Quality and selection
You can choose from our quality oils for hot and cold cooking.
Disposal of used oils
Along with oil delivery, we remove your waste oils and ensure their ecological disposal.

Free delivery

We will bring and carry our oils to your facility. Free delivery throughout the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Poland.


If you regularly sort used oils with us, we always have something extra for you.

Sophisticated logistics

No more worries, thanks to automation, we always know in time that your oil is running low.