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More and more, we realise that we only have one planet, and that everyone must do something to save it. We are lucky enough to be able to help in a bigger way, but we do not forget that it is important to inspire every individual as well. Because every drop counts.
Jan Hába
Tomáš Kubala

Trafin Oil in numbers

15 years
of experience in oil recycling
34 thousand
collection points
3 countries
in which we operate in: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Poland
68 trucks
bring used oil
to our factory
51676 tons
of oil
have already been sorted
3600000 this many trees
correspond to the amount of saved CO2

What we do

Thanks to our sophisticated logistics, dozens of our own vehicles and increasing number of public bins on the streets, we collect used cooking oils not only from restaurants and other catering businesses, but also from municipalities and citizens.

We collect used oil

We collect used oil
All the collected waste oils and fats are then processed at our own factory for secondary use. Through gradual mechanical purification, we produce clean raw material used in the production of modern fuels.

We process used oils ourselves

We process used oils ourselves
Purified waste oils are used as an additive for second-generation biodiesel or fully recycled aviation fuel. Instead of growing new oilseeds, we simply and effectively use waste that would otherwise be harmful in the sewage system or to nature.

We bring oils back into play as second-generation fuel

We bring oils back into play as second-generation fuel

We care about the future

In order to collect and return more and more waste oil to the system, we are building a brand new waste oil processing plant. The clean, modern, semi-automated plant will be even more energy efficient and use sustainable energy sources to recycle the oils.

We are building a modern factory

We are building a modern factory
We believe that effective recycling of materials is one way to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. That is why we already do everything we can to help keep our planet habitable for our children.

We reducing
the carbon footprint

We reducing<br>the carbon footprint

News from Trafin Oil

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Come work with us in a field that makes sense. Because every drop counts.

Careers at Trafin Oil

Careers at Trafin Oil