It always pays<br>to sort and buy oil with us - image

It always pays
to sort and buy oil with us

Oil service

For restaurants and other catering businesses, we guarantee to buy your used oil and deliver quality fresh oil at the best price on the market. Moreover, thanks to our sophisticated logistics, we always know your needs in time.
We will remove - image
We will remove
We will take care of your used oil for you, and we will even pay you for it. We always deliver a clean container free of charge and keep waste records; we come as often as you need. Plus, we will give your waste oil a chance to be useful again.
We will deliver - image
We will deliver
We will save you time and money - at the time of removal, we will always deliver new fresh oils and fats for cold and hot cooking at unbeatable prices, free of charge. If you sort with us regularly, we have special offers for you as well.
Convenient prices
We offer quality fresh oils at great prices + promotions when you sort with us.
Sophisticated logistics
Thanks to automation, we always know in time that your oil is running low.
Free delivery
We will bring and carry our oils to your facility. Free delivery throughout the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Poland.

Import of quality fresh oils

Import of quality fresh oils
Free container
We always bring a cleaned waste container free of charge.
We pay immediately
We pay cash for your used oil immediately upon receipt.
Free record keeping
We keep your waste records free of charge.

Bargain purchase of used cooking oils

Bargain purchase of used cooking oils
Ecological recycling
As direct processors, we know exactly what happens to your oil.
We give your oil its second life
We ecologically process used oil into modern biofuels.
We jointly reduce CO2
With us, you directly reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

Ecological processing of used oils

Ecological processing of used oils
They always come from Trafin when we need them; they even call themselves. Their oils are high quality, yet great prices. And besides, I feel good because I know that they are doing something useful…
Na Růžku Restaurant
Their oil service is exactly the type of service we were looking for. Everything works so smoothly that we hardly even know about it. We simply have enough clean oil at all times without worry, and…
Black Horse Restaurant