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What is the
I Sort Oil project?

Every drop counts, even the small one from home cooking. That is why we wish to teach all citizens that even household oil does not have to end up as hazardous waste in the garbage, sewage or in the environment - that it is, instead, valuable raw material that can be given a second life relatively easily.

We offer our comprehensive service to municipalities and their citizens - we deploy an increasing number of public oil bins in the streets of towns and villages, regularly empty the bins and use their contents to produce raw material for modern biofuels.

We cooperate with municipalities

We cooperate with municipalities
Things only make sense when we really understand them. That is why we try to use our own materials to carefully explain to people what, how and why it is good to sort oils. For children and adults, there is a suitable form for everyone.

We educate the public

We educate the public

We protect
and nature

Thanks to our activities, together we are increasingly succeeding in preventing waste oils from going where they do not belong. And not only that. In addition, by recycling materials that have already been produced, we save valuable resources and significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emitted.